February 4, 2007

Hands V. Guns

Posted in Poetry, Politics at 9:05 pm by Kaylaface.

United we Stand
Divided we fall
Together as one
That’s our law.
Love thy Father,
Together as one,
The greatest country to be alive,
That’s what we’re taught.
Live. Laugh. Love.
What if we live for someone
that isn’t approved by the government?
What if we laugh at the people
All because they can’t open their eyes?
What if the one we love looks like us?

He walks the streets,
Being shunned by society,
All because he’s different,
They don’t approve.

Yet the man behind him,
He’s strapped with a machine gun,
Killing whoever he pleases,
And no one bats an eye.

Holding hands is a crime in today’s society,
But holding a killing machine is okay.
What have we come too?
For the greatest country in the world,
We seem to be pretty blind.
Since when has “love” had a definition?
Why can such a diverse culture,
Be so unaccepting of love,
And so comfortable with war??



  1. Jill Marie said,

    Excellent piece..did you write this? Could be a Billy Bragg song too! LOL..keep up the good work ya got started here…I’ve enjoyed my visit

  2. Yes, I wrote it. Thanks!! I’ll definately post more then =] Thanks for stopping by.

  3. WhoreChurch said,

    I loved it.

  4. Thank you =] I love it, too =]

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