February 4, 2007


Posted in Sports at 5:30 pm by Kaylaface.

I’m new to WordPress. I’ve heard great things about it, so I thought I’d try it out.

I’m just not sure what there is to write about today. It’s Super Bowl Sunday. I don’t think I’ll watch the game though. Although I do hope the Colts win just so Chicago doesn’t. I’m not against the Bears, just against the whole city itself. 🙂 I’m nice, I know. It’s really not my favorite place to be so as long as I’m against the city, might as well be against their football team, too.

Honestly, hockey’s my thing. Sit me down in front of a good Flyers game and I’ll never talk to you until it’s over. They’re killing me this season, though. Stupid coaches. I swear. The worse thing they ever did was get rid of the JR, Primeau, etc., just for Forsberg. Jesus, for such a great player, he spends more time off the ice than he does on. I hope we get rid him next season. I want my FlyBoys back.

And I sometimes follow the ‘Canes. That’s ’cause half their team last season happened to be Flyers players. But now, the ‘Canes can suck a left one. 😀 Dad roots for them when Flyers are blowing (like now) but whatever. The Hurricanes are his 2nd team now. I say screw that. It’s all about the Flyers. 110%. No matter how crappy they are.

When it comes to professional sports, I’m for mostly Philly teams. I lived in Philly for awhile and my family’s from there. Baseball – I’m all for the Phillies, although I don’t keep up with baseball. I have been to see a few games though. That was in the Vet though. It’s quite funny since my best friend and her family are all about the Stanky Yankees. 😀 It’s a lovely little feud. Haha. Hockey – Flyers. We’ve been through this a paragraph or two ago. Basketball – 76ers, despite the fact I hate basketball. Still. Why not? Football – Dallas Cowboys. Ya like how I put that in there? Yeah, I know, it was sliiiick. =] When it comes to football, I hate the Eagles. Sue me. My family and friends are huuuge fans, but they can blow me =] To me, they’re the Chokin’ Chickens. Why? That’s all they ever do – choke. They can get right up to the final conference game and blow it. Or they can go all the way to Super Bowl and what do they do? Choke. Yeah, screw them. =]

 Alright, I’m done I guess. This one’s about sports then I guess. Haha.





  1. Mr WordPress said,

    Hi, this is a comment.
    To delete a comment, just log in, and view the posts’ comments, there you will have the option to edit or delete them.

  2. JanieBelle said,

    Hi KaylaFace! Nice blog you got here!

    You’re already in our friend surfers.


    Aunts Janie and Kate

  3. Lou FCD said,

    Hi Sweetie.

    I hope you have fun with this blog. Let me know if you need anything.



  4. Lou FCD said,

    You can reply right here about something said here, Sweetheart.

    I know in MySpace you have to come to me to reply, but on a real blog, you don’t.

    That way conversations about one topic are all displayed together.

    So in this thread for instance, we’re all supposed to be talking about the post you made up above.

    I don’t really follow that rule much, but some people get pretty annoyed if you don’t. Just so y’know.

    Every now and again bloggers will post “An Open Thread” and that’s for whatever you want to say about anything.

    Janie has one here for instance.

    Some bloggers get a lot of traffic and they’ll post one of those every day, or even more often, but like I said, we don’t really bother much with them because we don’t get the kind of traffic that requires that.

    Just so y’know.



  5. Lou FCD said,

    Oh, also in your dashboard, you’ll see a thing called “My Comments”. That will list your most recent comments all across WordPress.com. If anyone posts another comment in that thread, it will come to the top.

  6. Gotcha. Thanks, Dad. =] Appreciated very much.

    Love ya.

  7. Midget1 said,

    hey baby doll =)

    how ya doin?? great? thought so =) just a commentage from your favorite midget ((forget the jew, shes no good))

    love ya =D

  8. Midget1 said,

    uh hellloooo….i jsut left a huge comment…frickin wordpress

  9. seneca said,

    As a spokesman for the great City of Chicago, appointed by Hizzoner himself, we don’t like you either.

  10. Well, on behalf of all of my other enemies, you’re not the first. But, I thank you for expressing your feelings. 🙂

  11. seneca said,

    Not an enemy!

    I actually found your blog to be quite interesting and well-written, only to get to this post and be disappointed in your attack on Chicago.

  12. Lou FCD said,

    That attitude toward Chicago is probably at least mostly my fault, seneca.

    I have often told my daughter the story of my one trip to Chicago back in the eighties. It was early spring, and I was out that way to visit colleges.

    While I was there, it was miserably, unbelievably cold, windy, and rainy. Traffic was insane, and just for icing on the cake there had been a sanitation worker strike going on for some time. There were ten foot piles of garbage on every street corner.

    It was perhaps the most miserable I have ever been as a tourist.

    To further exacerbate our wonderful impression of Chicago, just this past summer I took the family to London, and to save a little money we did a flight on U.S. Airways with one stop in Chicago.

    On the way back, the U.S. Airways flight was delayed at Heathrow, which meant we missed our connection in Chitown. The following flight was booked, and we wound up spending over eight hours in O’Hare, after a very long flight from England.

    Ever spent eight hours in an airport with two tired teenagers?

    Chicago definitely hated me first.


    On a kinder note, Chicago is beautiful at night from 10,000 feet, planted next to the inky blackness of the lake.

  13. Lou FCD said,

    And for the record, I bleed orange and black, no matter how bad the Flyboys are.

    Just so y’know.

  14. seneca said,

    From the Theater (Steppenwolf, Lookingglass, Goodman, Profiles) to the restaurants to the live blues music to the philosophy classes at night at the University of Chicago, it is the greatest city that ever was or ever will be!

    What other city has a great university dedicated to teaching philosophy to thousands as adults, not as college kids, under a program where one can study for as long as one likes, myself fifteen years.

    When someone complains about weather, I wonder if that someone is engaged with what is important in life.

    One of the great chancellors of the University, Robert Hutchins, wrote that nothing great ever comes from a warm city. Great men and women do their work in northern cities with changes of climate.

  15. Weather doesn’t bother me so much. I lived in Kentucky for a lot of years (I don’t feel like counting) and then two in Pennsylvania. Trust me, weather doesn’t get to me as bad as eight hours in an airport. Actually, my best friend is from Chicago and is trying to talk my parents into taking me one of these days to persuade me to change my opinion of the city.

    As far as it being the greatest city, I think London’s beats Chicago by far. With their historic places and beautiful architecture, to the better accents of the natives and the wonderful…well, everything. 😀 Granted, I haven’t been outside of O’hare, but, quite frankly, Heathrow’s pretty much cooler as well. =D

    I’m glad you like the rest of my blog. Just remember, my opinion of Chicago is just that: an opinion. Although, I’m sure it will still remain my least favorite city in the world. Enjoy the rest of my blog!

  16. And Dad, you bleed black and orange until the Hurricanes are off to the Stanley Cup. Then you’re all “WOOHOO! GO ‘CANES!” Nice try though.

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