February 4, 2007


Posted in Religion at 8:38 pm by Kaylaface.

I have some very funny icons I think I want to share. You may be offended. If so, buzz off. There’s a big red “X” in the upper right corner of your browser. Do me a favor, click it. Don’t tell me I’m going to Hell or any of that b’s.

On with the goodies.

asshole.jpg  god.gif  jewish.jpg  st-bastard.jpg  jesus.jpg

 Just a few things that I find to be humorous. No, I’m not Jewish. But my best friend is, so I’m aloud to post Jewish stuff. Sue me.





  1. Jill Marie said,

    OMG! These are excellent..I love ’em all! Don’t worry be jewish is great..LOL

  2. Thanks =]

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