February 10, 2007

It’s All Yellow.

Posted in Personal, Poetry at 10:08 pm by Kaylaface.

I’d color me rainbow if I could.
Fun and flirty,
Loud and bright,
Yet still calm and mellow.
But if only that was possible.

She looked to the sky and muttered to herself,
Not quite her favorite,
But close enough.
Yellow looked best in her clothes,
In her hair,
Even her shoes.

The color of the sun,
That beat down on her face.
The color she wore when she was in a bad mood.
Illuminating and merry.
Yellow lit up her world like there was no tomorrow.

Most people would say she’s boisterous and witty;
Colorful in her own little way.
Happy to be alive,
Taking care of everything while
Wearing a smile.
Smiley faces are yellow…
So is she.

No matter how lively she got,
She always made time to take care of the serious things.
Her color never changed.
Somehow she had the talent to make everyone smile,
No matter how bad their day got,
They all ran to her to fix it.
Whether it be something funny or
Just a good lecture.
Yellow helped her,
She helped others.

She is yellow.
I am her.
Yellow is me.
I am me.
Which happens to be yellow



  1. Lou FCD said,

    You are very yellow. Always.

    A wonderful description of yourself.

    Personally, I’m currently green – as in I’m so sick I wish I could puke again to feel better. Yuck.

    Be Yellow.

    Be You.



  2. Thanks. Weirdo. 😀 just kidding. I love you.

    Feel better soon puke-face.

  3. WhoreChurch said,


    If this is you (as your dad says it is), you are one magnificent person.

    I want to be more yellow. I’m sort of plaid right now. And not a good plaid. The kind of plaid that just doesn’t look quite right. Brownish green with black. And I smell like wet wool. Kinda the way you taste a scarf in the winter time when you wrap it around your face and it gets wet from your breath.

    But my wife is yellow. Always yellow. That compensates.

  4. Well, I hope you get to be more yellow. It’s a great feeling. Actually, right now, I’m a bit green. Green as in sick.

    Actually, that does compensate some. As long as there is some yellow in your life, everything is splendid. And who better to put the yellow in your life than the one you love??


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