April 19, 2007

The Almighty.

Posted in Family, God at 3:04 am by Kaylaface.

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So God’s supposed to be this great thing. All-powerful, all-knowing, perfect, creator of all things good and evil. But why would he want evil? I mean, if he loves his children so damn much, why make them suffer? I mean, who would want to watch their children suffer? That’s what we are after all : God’s children.

Then will someone please tell me why I can’t catch a friggin break from Him??? I’m only 15 years old. I shouldn’t have to be going through this crap.

Everyone tells me when something’s not right to pray and that God will make everything okay. Well, you know what?? I prayed my heart out to him to make her better and you know what?? Now she’s 6 feet under. So much for that.

But I still pray every now and then. I pray that God will keep my family safe and out of harms way. Then what does he do? He turns around and kills my cousin three days before he’s even out of the womb. You tell me how he can put his mommy through that. She’s only 18 and he was her first child. She’s been through hell and back growing up, the least he could do is let her prove she’s a better parent than hers ever were.

To God:

From what little part that believes anymore:

Screw you.

The end.

In memory of NILM. ❤ Sweet dreams little man.


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