May 30, 2007

The Girl in the Red Coat.

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So, as you all may know, a couple of weeks ago, my English class took a trip to the National Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. (Never Again). After the tour, we had a few minutes before our bus left so I hit the gift shop. I got a button that says “Never Again” a keychain with the museum for my brother, a postcard with all the cool stuff in DC on it, my Save Darfur bracelet, and a book.

A memoir to be exact. You may also know from that post that we read Night by Elie Weisel in class, which is also a memoir. (I like memoirs can’t you tell?) This memoir wasn’t as graphic as Night, but it was just as phenomenal and as touching.

The Girl in the Red Coat by Roma Ligocka recounts her life running from town to town during the Holocaust. Also what it was like for her after the war was over, what it was like to be free, go from school to school, being blamed for the war, being an outcast. I got to finish it in class yesterday and it took everything I had to force myself to not cry. It made me look at everything I have now in 2007 and just appreciate it all. She battles her mother a lot and after everything’s done, I am so thankful that I’ve got the relationship I do with my own mother. I don’t have to bottle things up around her and there’s hardly ever a painful silence like the ones Roma describes.

In Stephen Spielberg’s Schindler’s List, everything’s done in black in white, except one thing: the girl in the red coat. During the Krakow liquidation, Oskar Schindler is on a hill watching the Jews being massacred and all the chaos. In the midst of the chaos, Schindler becomes fixated on a little girl running around the streets looking for somewhere to hide. She’s only around three or four and she’s the little girl in the red coat; she’s Roma Ligocka.

I would recommend Night and The Girl in the Red Coat to anyone with a heart and wants to know about the past. These two books are just beyond phenomenal. Also, if you’ve got about three hours, go rent (or buy) Schindler’s List. You won’t be disappointed. Stephen Spielberg did a great job with this movie.


The book. Go read it. It’s only 11 dollars on Amazon. I promise you, it’s worth every penny.


The girl from the movie and the only color you will see in the film. Go buy it. Again, worth every penny. (At least go rent it.)



  1. Lou FCD said,


    I just want to take a moment to tell you how proud I am of you. The things that touch you, the social consciousness that you have at your age, the insights you have on the important things in life, always move me.

    This post is the perfect example of that.

    I love you, and I am delighted to be forever,

    Your Dad

    P.S. Please take a moment from caring about social injustice to clean your room. Thanks.


  2. Thanks. That means a lot to me. You are amazing yourself. 🙂

    Love always,


    P.S. hmmm, no. 🙂

  3. valerie said,

    is there movie on this??
    email me if so
    read the book brilliant wanna see the movie?

  4. Jamie said,

    I was very excited about your entry. My senior english class just got finished reading night and i loved it more than any other book i’ve ever read. We also just watched the movie and I was very very touched by the girl in the red. I’ve trying to do research on her for our upcomming project and until now I had no idea there was a book written about her. I’m so glad you posted this because now i HAVE to go buy it! Thanks.

  5. Suzanne said,

    Where can I buy the dvd from?

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