June 7, 2007


Posted in Life, Personal, school at 12:31 am by Kaylaface.

Exams. The worse four days of the semester; the worse eight days of the entire school year.

Day one: Yesterday. Geometry Honors. My worse nightmare. I was so nervous I woke up at five thirty yesterday morning puking my guts out due to insane nerves. I’ve never been sick over a test like that.


My exam grade.


Final course grade. That means Honors Algebra II.

Let me just say: I rock.

English was today, but that’s no big thing. I love English and I’m going to be Editor-in-Chief of next year’s paper. I think I got it under control.

Biology Friday.

No biggie there either.

I love that class.

Just thought I’d share.

=D =D =D =D =D =D


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