June 10, 2007


Posted in Personal, Poetry at 3:45 am by Kaylaface.

Man, the things boys will do to your mind these days.

This is the result of being in love at age 15, specially when she’s known the boy for eleven years.

Running in the open fields
Only one thing I see.
Forget the blossoming flowers
and the buzzing bees.

I see what I want
I see my goal
I see what I need.
I’m losing control.

Jumping into those arms
The ones that set me free.
What a handsome face
That’s all I need to see.

His whispers on my skin
Send shivers down my spine.
The face I remember,
I’m so glad it’s still mine.

He’s the boy I love so much,
The one my life needs.
He’s my fairy tale come true,
Or at least in my dreams.


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