July 28, 2007

Sex, Sex, and more Sex.

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I just read something that really disturbed me. Something about some guy taking over the sex education stuff in Texas or some place. Abstinence is the only way to go until marriage.

Excuse my French, but, Bullshit.

My teenager instincts say, “What if the sex is bad? You can’t get out of it because you’ve already tied yourself down by getting married. You’re stuck that way.”

Personally, I’m not waiting for marriage. I’m also not going to go whore myself around. I want to be in love, or at least really comfortable with the person. There have only been two people I could even picture myself “doing the deed” with. One of which I’ve begun to question. Actually, both of them come to think of it.

But that’s me, being safe. Watching out for me. That’s the mature side of me that apparently doesn’t exist to some people. All teenagers aren’t little hoochies who just want some ass and attention. I’m sure not. I have other great aspects and if someone can’t see them, ef them. If I have to sleep with a guy to get him to like me, something’s not right.

I also know of all the millions of possibilities that come with having sex, the biggest being getting pregnant. My children aren’t coming for a couple of years, but I know if something were to happen and I got pregnant this very moment, I would be the best mother to walk the earth. I’m not easy and I’m choosy about the people I date, let alone who I sleep with. Like I said, there have only been two people I’d even consider it with.

Many people don’t think we, as in teenagers, really care. If we get wrapped in the moment, we’re not going to take the time to get a condom or get on the pill, right? Wrong. I’m already on the pill and I’m still a proud member of the V club. Virgin club that is. I also own a handful of condoms just in case. You know, when that time comes and we “get wrapped in the moment.”

Another big problem with sex: STD’s. Yes, all the “cool” teenagers who don’t take the time  to ask or grab a condom get them because they’re, well, not being cautious. That’s not my fault. I shouldn’t be deprived of an education because they can’t be a bit more careful about who they open their legs to or where they stick their willy. I’ve done decided, I’m going to know if someone’s got an STD before I even consider sleeping with them. In order for me to get “in the sack” with them, I need to know them pretty damn well. At least well enough to know if they’ve got some disease. Strike that. I’ve got to know them well enough that they’d go get tested with me just so we’re both comfortable.

If it were my way, there’d be a big bag of condoms and birth control in the front office of every middle and high school and every teacher would be required to keep a box of both in their classroom so that kids who are afraid to ask the old lady at the front counter can go to the teacher they’re most comfortable with.

It bothers the hell out of me people think teenagers don’t think; we don’t have brains. Sex, sex, and more sex. That’s all that we think about. Granted we do think about it a lot. But that doesn’t mean we’re going to act on it. I’m a teenager and I think about sex a lot. Big woop-de-doo. That doesn’t make me a whore and that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be taught about all the risks of having sex.

Think about it this way: If kids aren’t taught about it, then they’re not going to know the power of a condom. If they don’t know that power, then they’re not going to buy them. Therefore having unsafe sex. Which just increases the risks of STD’s and pregnancy. Besides, Trojan’s going to lose a lot of money that way. They’re not going to be happy Mr. Anti-Sex.

Did you know there’s apparently an age limit on purchasing condoms at Wal-Mart? Yes. My mom and I went in to get some for my little brother who requested some. Like I said, better safe than pregnant. I don’t need any nieces or nephews any time soon. Curious, my mom asks if there’s a limit and the lady said you have to be eighteen to buy condoms. What kind of crap is that!??! This obviously didn’t sit well with me and I let it be known.

My words: You’re kidding right? So, you’re telling me that if I was going to have sex tonight, you wouldn’t sell me condoms? Okay. So when I go have unprotected sex, I’m going to get knocked up, ruin my entire life and you know what? It’s going to be your damn fault for not selling me condoms.

Loud as can be, too. I don’t play when it comes to this stuff. I don’t need my friends or my little brother to be parents. I don’t care what Jesus said or what the Bible tells you: kids are having sex whether you like it or not. You’re not helping by telling them they can’t have the protection they need.

Scenario: Johnny tells his Dad he’s going to have sex. Dad doesn’t like it and won’t give him condoms. Did I mention Johnny’s only 15? Johnny gets angry and leaves. He has sex anyway. Nine months later, he’s had his sixteen birthday and spent it changing diapers and warming bottles for his baby.He had to drop out of school and start two jobs, same as his girlfriend, who’s a crackhead. Good job Dad!
Another Scenario: Same Johnny. Same age. Different Dad. Johnny wants to have sex. Dad doesn’t like it, but gives him “The Talk” and a pack of condoms. Johnny has sex. Five years down the road, Johnny’s finished high school, moved on his own, married the girl of his dreams, working on a college degree, and has no babies.

Who’s the better father??

Just think about it. And don’t get me started on convenient stores either. I’ll save that for another sex post.

Good night world.

Sleep well.

Stay protected.



  1. Lou FCD said,

    My Dearest Darling Daughter,

    In the event that my meds cause me to forget, remind me when you get home from the hospital to speak with you about a writing offer I have received by EMail for you.


  2. Lou FCD said,

    Oh, and really good piece, btw.

    I’m glad I learnt you good.

    Love again and some more,

  3. […] I Dun Learnt Her Good Sex, Sex, and more Sex […]

  4. Sweet. Sounds good to me.


    Love you too.

  5. I’d love to have been behind you in line at that WalMart!

  6. I was getting some of the nastiest looks from everyone, customers and all. It was pretty great. =]

  7. Lou FCD said,

    I’m still bummed that I didn’t happen to be there.

    “I was getting some of the nastiest looks from everyone, customers and all.”

    Such is life in the Bible belt, Babe.


  8. Lou FCD said,

    Oh blockquotes in your comments look very very cool.

    I just want
    to see



    Please excuse my experimentation on your blog.

  9. Lou FCD said,

    Oh that’s sweet.

  10. What a loser.=]

  11. Lou FCD said,

    Maybe, but look what I did with it over at UDoJ…

    Oh, I am good.


  12. That’s cool, but I don’t really like it with UDoJ’s site. I mean, the color scheme doesn’t seem to fit it. I think in looks funny, but it is a cool idea.

    No maybes. You’re a loser.

  13. Lou FCD said,

    I was still fiddling with the colors then.

    Y’know they used to stone children for being disrespectful to their parents back in the olden days like when I was young.

    And you’re a butthead.


  14. Lou FCD said,

    Ok, back on topic, sorry to derail your thread.

    Another big problem with sex: STD’s. Yes, all the stupid teenagers get them because they’re, well, stupid.

    Stupid might not be the best word here. Perhaps something along the lines of “overcome by the intensity of a heated moment mixed with raging hormones” might serve better here.

    Just a thought.


  15. Lou FCD said,

    This is a good draft all in all, Sweetheart.

    You could clean it up just a little for a few sentence fragments and such, and it might work for your inaugural essay at SitPS, and/or the first issue of the school paper this year.

    I wouldn’t discourage you from submitting it to the Daily News, either. It’s at least as good as most of the usual pieces (though let me just reiterate for the record that Timmi Toler’s column is high on my favorite parts of the week list).


  16. timmi said,

    I love this post for so many reasons – one of them being it reminds me to ask you to consider joining Listen Up! when we kick off in September.

    Another one is that I feel so much respect in this post -respect that you have for yourself and your body and your generation. That’s a huge, big, incredibly important thing. Bless who ever taught you how important that was to have and bless your wonderful mind for figuring the rest of it out for yourself.

    Great post. What a spirit you have, girl.

  17. Thanks Timmi. I’m really appreciative of your offer and if you give me a date and time to join staff, I’m there. I love writing for WOHS paper and I’d love to take on more writing opportunities.

  18. Lou FCD said,

    Just don’t take on more than you can handle.

    Bear in mind that you are chief editor of the WOHS paper this year, and you’ve also already made a commitment to Elizabeth at Sex in the Public Square.

    I know you’re excited, I know that you can handle all three plus school, but I wouldn’t add anything else until you’re comfortably in the saddle, OK?


  19. I agree that it could be a great first essay on SitPS. And I certainly don’t object to material being cross-posted so long as the ‘share alike’ rule is in effect. We’re very ‘share alike’ oriented at SitPS.

  20. And not to be a backseat editor, but on the matter of the word “stupid” — it does begin to oversimplify the issue. Surely there is an element of “feeling invincible” that is part of the experience of being a teenager. And also the raging hormones thing, and also the “still maturing” thing and also the “education is not complete” thing …. All that said, I don’t think you should temper your voice here *too* much. Part of what is so engaging about the piece is that it does convey your frustration with the behavior of some of your peers. Doing so in a way that is slightly less dismissive might serve your ends better, but not at the expense of sounding too analytical.

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