August 19, 2008


Posted in Family, Life, My Father, Personal, school at 11:54 pm by Kaylaface.

That is what I am at the moment. I’m psyched for my psychology class. I’m psyched for my art appreciation class. I’m psyched for the college experience. I’m psyched for spending time with Daddy. I’m psyched for meeting new people and getting this thing off the ground with Landon. I’m just psyched for everything.

My classes are great and I’m so excited. I have to do a portfolio for my art class on six paintings and the early Medieval times and that’s our big grade. It’s going to be great, I think. I’m not even an art person. If anything, I hate art next to history. My professor is hilarious. She teaches at one of the elementary schools and is just great.

Psychology is going to be good, too. There are a lot of really funny people in my class as well as my professor. A bunch of nurses and aviation mechanics. Haha. I’m excited.

I’m not ready to go back to high school though. I don’t know why, but I’m dreading going back. =\ I don’t know.

Well, I’m going to start my portfolio for Art and do some reading for Psych.

Love you guys. :]



  1. Diana said,

    Psych can be very interesting or very boring, depending who you are. I got an A in my first psych class. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help! : )

  2. Kaylaface. said,

    :] I’m interested in it. Of course! Thanks!

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