June 10, 2007


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Man, the things boys will do to your mind these days.

This is the result of being in love at age 15, specially when she’s known the boy for eleven years.

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February 10, 2007

It’s All Yellow.

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I’d color me rainbow if I could.
Fun and flirty,
Loud and bright,
Yet still calm and mellow.
But if only that was possible.

She looked to the sky and muttered to herself,
Not quite her favorite,
But close enough.
Yellow looked best in her clothes,
In her hair,
Even her shoes.

The color of the sun,
That beat down on her face.
The color she wore when she was in a bad mood.
Illuminating and merry.
Yellow lit up her world like there was no tomorrow.

Most people would say she’s boisterous and witty;
Colorful in her own little way.
Happy to be alive,
Taking care of everything while
Wearing a smile.
Smiley faces are yellow…
So is she.

No matter how lively she got,
She always made time to take care of the serious things.
Her color never changed.
Somehow she had the talent to make everyone smile,
No matter how bad their day got,
They all ran to her to fix it.
Whether it be something funny or
Just a good lecture.
Yellow helped her,
She helped others.

She is yellow.
I am her.
Yellow is me.
I am me.
Which happens to be yellow

February 7, 2007

Cinderella Dreams.

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Waiting. Breathing.
Staring into the open space.
She’s expecting him any day now,
Her knight in shining armour
With her Pumpkin carriage
Singing mice and Fairy Godmothers.
There she goes,
She’s slipping off to her Cinderella land.

She knows his breathtaking name,
She knows his Godly face,
She knows she loves him,
She knows he’s only a dream.

Two years in the making
her fantasies of him
maybe one day being hers.
Could they be coming true?

For that one moment,
She felt so high,
She saw her knight
Coming so close
The moment his lips touched hers
Fantasies were realities,
Realities were dreams.
She knew she wanted him,
Now more than ever.

But the clock struck twelve
And she was back to the beginning.
Waiting. Breathing.
Staring into the open space.

February 4, 2007

Hands V. Guns

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United we Stand
Divided we fall
Together as one
That’s our law.
Love thy Father,
Together as one,
The greatest country to be alive,
That’s what we’re taught.
Live. Laugh. Love.
What if we live for someone
that isn’t approved by the government?
What if we laugh at the people
All because they can’t open their eyes?
What if the one we love looks like us?

He walks the streets,
Being shunned by society,
All because he’s different,
They don’t approve.

Yet the man behind him,
He’s strapped with a machine gun,
Killing whoever he pleases,
And no one bats an eye.

Holding hands is a crime in today’s society,
But holding a killing machine is okay.
What have we come too?
For the greatest country in the world,
We seem to be pretty blind.
Since when has “love” had a definition?
Why can such a diverse culture,
Be so unaccepting of love,
And so comfortable with war??