August 9, 2007

That White Neon.

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angel.gifThe car from my past, the one that the Grim Reaper himself now drove, passed me the other day and I knew it was time. That was the moment I truly realized I believe in angels. I’m not big on religion or God or any of that stuff, but I truly believe in angels. Not the harp playing ones assisting the God I have trouble believing in when we go to Heaven, but angels who are beings that have a sole purpose: to guide us through life. My grandmother was mine. Even now she’s gone, I know she’s still my guardian angel guarding me from harm and guiding me through this journey through life.

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February 4, 2007


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I have some very funny icons I think I want to share. You may be offended. If so, buzz off. There’s a big red “X” in the upper right corner of your browser. Do me a favor, click it. Don’t tell me I’m going to Hell or any of that b’s.

On with the goodies.

asshole.jpg  god.gif  jewish.jpg  st-bastard.jpg  jesus.jpg

 Just a few things that I find to be humorous. No, I’m not Jewish. But my best friend is, so I’m aloud to post Jewish stuff. Sue me.