February 4, 2007


Posted in Sports at 5:30 pm by Kaylaface.

I’m new to WordPress. I’ve heard great things about it, so I thought I’d try it out.

I’m just not sure what there is to write about today. It’s Super Bowl Sunday. I don’t think I’ll watch the game though. Although I do hope the Colts win just so Chicago doesn’t. I’m not against the Bears, just against the whole city itself. 🙂 I’m nice, I know. It’s really not my favorite place to be so as long as I’m against the city, might as well be against their football team, too.

Honestly, hockey’s my thing. Sit me down in front of a good Flyers game and I’ll never talk to you until it’s over. They’re killing me this season, though. Stupid coaches. I swear. The worse thing they ever did was get rid of the JR, Primeau, etc., just for Forsberg. Jesus, for such a great player, he spends more time off the ice than he does on. I hope we get rid him next season. I want my FlyBoys back.

And I sometimes follow the ‘Canes. That’s ’cause half their team last season happened to be Flyers players. But now, the ‘Canes can suck a left one. 😀 Dad roots for them when Flyers are blowing (like now) but whatever. The Hurricanes are his 2nd team now. I say screw that. It’s all about the Flyers. 110%. No matter how crappy they are.

When it comes to professional sports, I’m for mostly Philly teams. I lived in Philly for awhile and my family’s from there. Baseball – I’m all for the Phillies, although I don’t keep up with baseball. I have been to see a few games though. That was in the Vet though. It’s quite funny since my best friend and her family are all about the Stanky Yankees. 😀 It’s a lovely little feud. Haha. Hockey – Flyers. We’ve been through this a paragraph or two ago. Basketball – 76ers, despite the fact I hate basketball. Still. Why not? Football – Dallas Cowboys. Ya like how I put that in there? Yeah, I know, it was sliiiick. =] When it comes to football, I hate the Eagles. Sue me. My family and friends are huuuge fans, but they can blow me =] To me, they’re the Chokin’ Chickens. Why? That’s all they ever do – choke. They can get right up to the final conference game and blow it. Or they can go all the way to Super Bowl and what do they do? Choke. Yeah, screw them. =]

 Alright, I’m done I guess. This one’s about sports then I guess. Haha.